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Six Parts of a Research Paper

Some students confuse the structure of an essay with the structure of a research paper. My dear friend, you surely got used to organizing your papers in a simple Introduction/Body/Conclusion structure, but this is time for something more complicated. Let us talk about the correct outline for your research paper, i.e. how you should organize the parts of your research papers.


The structure from EssayAssistant Company presented here is suitable for any kind of research paper - either an Economic research paper, or a History research paper.


Parts of a research paper: Introductory section


Your research paper will start with a traditional introductive part. As usual, you will present your topic here and explain what issue you have chosen to research.


Parts of research papers: Thesis statement


You might be asked to separate your thesis statement/research issue from the introduction section. There is no need to tell you how significant this part is for your research paper’s grade. So, read some examples on the "writing a compare and contrast essay" website and make it clear and convincing!


Parts of a research paper: Literature overview


This is where you will have to present information from your research paper’s database. That is why this section is called “Literature overview”. Such rule as the more, the better does not apply for this case, since you need to show the depth of your research.


Parts of a research paper: Methodology section

In this part of your research paper you will have to answer the following questions:

  • What approaches you are going to use to study the subject?
  • What methods and tools fit your research best?
  • Why have you chosen this certain tool to conduct a deep study of the topic?

Parts of research papers: Analysis


The main aim of this part of your research paper is to analyze the received results. This is not enough to narrate about them, but this is necessary to explain and interpret them for your examiner.


Parts of a research paper: Conclusive section


Finally, we have reached the last point of your research - the conclusive part of the research paper. You need to summarize the outcomes of research, connecting them with your thesis statement.

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