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Benchmarking Committee  

This committee will work to support the Committee’s mission by identifying and reporting on best practices among other organizations, establishing basic benchmarking data on women in the industry, women in TAPPI, and women in leadership positions within TAPPI, and measuring growth and satisfaction levels for women in the forest products, pulp, paper, tissue, packaging and associated industries.

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Celebrating Women Leaders  

Women in Industry Celebrating Women Leaders

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Outreach Committee  

The committee’s goal is to create a series of networks to help women support one another in the development of their careers, from college to the workforce. They also work to promote and publicize the work being done within division’s committees to involve our volunteers at all levels.

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Program Committee  

This committee develops programming and content for the annual Women’s Summit and other TAPPI conferences.

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Women in Industry  

The Women in Industry committee will see a competitive, diverse and dynamic industry that offers long-term, fulfilling careers where women and men work synergistically. They will receive easy access to a highly-valued portfolio of learning tools and networking opportunities to support personal growth and career development, and an industry with raised awareness and heightened appreciation for how the differences between women and men can lead to a more integrated, engaged, and successful workforce.

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Women in Industry Executive Council  

This committee is the primary governing body for the Women in Industry Division, made up of officers within the committee. Their purpose is to plan and oversee the future of the Division. The Council works to ensure that committee and division activities lead to the overall success and growth of the Division. The members of the Executive Council include: the Division Chair, the 1st Vice-Chair, the Industry Representative, and the chairs of the Division’s Committees.

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Women in Industry Solutions & Strategies for Career Development Commit ...  

This committee works to identify gaps in the available tools for women in industry and develop resources to address these gaps and support women leaders. The committee produces webinars and works to maintain quality connections with other TAPPI Divisions and other organizations. Through these activities the committee also looks to identify individuals who want to give back to the industry and recruit and involve new and current members.

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