How To

How To

Become a TAPPI Connect power user by browsing our "how to" video documentation series. If you ever have issues with Connect, post in the TAPPI Connect Help community, where you will receive help from industry peers, as well as TAPPI staff.


Logging in & Viewing Profile

How to log in to Connect for the first time, access and edit your personal profile.

Register for TAPPI Connect

Register for a free, non-member profile providing limited access to TAPPI Connect.

Adjust Settings & Notifications

Adjust privacy and email notification settings in TAPPI Connect.

Interact with Contacts

Manage your contacts list. Message contacts and view your gamification statistics.

View & Add Library Resources

View and upload documents to a community resource library.

Add & Reply to Discussions

Participate in member and non-member discussions by adding or replying to a discussion thread.

Daily Digest

Understand utilization of a Daily Digest by replying to community activity directly from your email.

Standards and TIPS Process

Potential workflow for Standards and TIPs creation and review

Mentor Match Application Process

Want to become a mentor or protege for our Mentor Match Program? Learn how to apply now.