Division Officers

TAPPI Division Officers

For more information or to get involved in any of our Divisions, Committees or Local Sections please contact the division officers below or our Member Connection Center

Coating and Graphic Arts 

Division Chair:  Greg Welsch, Trinseo

gwwelsch@trinseo.org or (989) 495-4804

Division Vice Chair: Brian Einsla, Dow Chemical Company              

beinsla@dow.com or (610) 244-6479

Corrugated Packaging

Division Chair: Jeff Quinn, The Haire Group

jquinn@hairegroup.com or (219) 947-4545

Division Vice Chair: Ed Stucynski, Menasha Packaging 

ed.stuczynski@menasha.com or (920) 751-2125


Division Chair:  Mark P. LeBel, Andritz

Mark.LeBel@andritz.com or (770) 640-2643

Division Vice Chair:  Danny S. Tandra, Clyde Bergemann Power Group

danny.tandra@us.cbpg.com or (770) 557-3612

International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion

Division Chair: Jim Macnamara, Foster Farms

jfkvmacnamara@gmail.com or (720) 215-9449

Vice Chair: Rory Wolf, ITW Pillar Technologies

rwolf@pillartech.com or (262) 912-7212


Division Chair: Robert J. Moon, USDA Forest Service

robertmoon@fs.fed.us or (404) 894-1026

Division Vice Chair: Emily Cranston, McMaster University

ecranst@mcmaster.ca or (770) 209-7224


Division Chair (Temporary): Srihari Ramkumar, Texas Tech University

Division Vice Chair: Brian George, Thomas Jefferson University 

s.ramkumar@ttu.edu or (806) 885-4567

brian.george@jefferson.edu or (215) 951-2782

Paper and Board

Division Chair: Dale Midyette, Jacobs

dale.midyette@jacobs.com or (864) 676-5715

Division Vice Chair: Scott Rosencrance, Kemira

scott.rosencrance@kemira.com or (678) 978-2795

PIMA Management 

Division Chair: Pam Cowan, Pulmac Systems International

pcowan@pulmac.com or (802) 857-5603

Division Affiliate Chair: Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar

kurt.mehlberg@domtar.com or (715) 241-6534

Process and Product Quality 

Division Chair: Walter Rantanen, SGS Integrated Paper Services, Inc.

Walter.Rantanen@sgs.com or (920) 749-3040 x127

Division Vice Chair: 

Process Control

Division Chair: David Worzalla, International Paper

Division Vice Chair: Brian Mock, Event Capture Systems

david.worzalla@ipaper.com or (843) 545-2453
brian.mock@ecsuptime.com or (919) 349-9001

Pulp Manufacturing 

Division Chair: Tom Mullen, Process Innovations                                                

Division Vice Chair: Mathias Lindstrom, International Paper

richard.mullen@domtar.com or (803) 802-8283

mathias.lindstrom@ipaper.com or (523) 833-1496


Division Co-Chair: David M. Zerr, Georgia-Pacific

DMZERR@GAPAC.com or (404) 652-7209

Division Co-Chair: Jeffery C. Peters, BTG Americas

jeff.peters@btg.com or (269) 823-3137

Women in Industry  

Division Chair: Heather Jennings, Probiotic Solution

heather@bhn.us or (480) 970-7527

1st Vice Chair: Maja Mejsner, PMP Group

maja.mejsner@pmpgroup.com or (860) 677-6887

Young Professionals

Division Chair: Jaclyn Epstein, Mica Corporation

Sudip.neupane@gapac.com or (409) 289-7096

Division Vice Chair: Brennan Augst, Voith

jepstein@mica-corp.com or (203) 922-8888

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