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Latest Discussions

  • Posted in: Water Removal

    My minor suggested revisions are attached.    Please work off of this copy.  Thanks. ------------------------------ Frank Sutman Senior Group Leader - Global Technology Solenis LLC Wilmington DE [Phone] ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Nonwovens

    ​​Hello: I would like to contact with engineering companies who desing Binder systems for Glass Mat lines in USA. pedro.romeromurciano@saint-gobain.com Thanks ------------------------------ Pedro Romero Plant Manager Saint Gobain CertainTeed Russellville ...

  • Posted in: Water Removal

    Clay Arnold, Mark Harrison, Ricky Loveland, and Marcelo Deboni have volunteered to help me with reviewing and updating the attached dryer fabric cleaning TIP.  Please post your review comments here.  Comments from other committee members are welcome.  ...

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