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Latest Discussions

  • Posted in: Water Removal

    While Papermakers Committee is more oriented to the process chemistry and Water Removal Committee more on the engineering aspects of papermaking, the same paper mill staff members utlimately benefits from the work of both committees. As for myself, while ...

  • Posted in: Water Removal

    A few of us go back to the days of the Pressing and Drying Committee. This committee was very active. It introduced a number of the TIPs that we are maintaining today. The focus and structure of the Pressing and Drying Committee has changed over ...

  • Posted in: Water Removal

    ​Thank you to Coleen and the rest of the Task Group for your efforts in this and a well done presentation.  Our committee really appreciates your efforts in sorting through this.  There will be time for some discussion at the Steering Committee Teleconference ...

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