PIMA Committees

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PIMA Executive Council  

The PIMA Executive Council is the primary governing body for the PIMA Division made up of officers in PIMA's other committees, and their purpose is to plan and oversee the future of PIMA. They have 4 meetings a year, 2 of which are for members only and 2 are open to non-members.

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PIMA IT Committee  

The PIMA IT Committee educates management and operations people about IT tools available to mills helping bridge the gap between IT and operations and allowing better decision making.

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PIMA IT SIG Industry 4.0 Lexicon  

PIMA IT SIG Industry 4.0 Lexicon

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PIMA Program Committee  

The PIMA Program Committee is made up of PIMA members and develops the management track for the annual PaperCon Conference.

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PIMA Workforce Development Committee  

The PIMA Workforce Development Committee identifies and promotes best practices in mill workforce training and employee development.

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TAPPI/PIMA Supplier Advisory Council  

The TAPPI/PIMA Supplier Advisory Council oversees and advises TAPPI staff in the management of the annual PaperCon Exhibit and hosts the PaperCon Classic Golf Tournament to fund student scholarships.

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