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Dick Reese and Associates Inc.


A recognized paper industry engineering and technology consultant with a proven record of improving paper machine performance. Successful consulting assignments have been completed with over 25 paper companies and paper industry suppliers. Paper machine energy scorecards benchmark paper machine energy use and identify opportunities for reducing energy use. The scorecards are used around the world and have been translated into Spanish, Chinese and French. Paper machine energy evaluations have been completed on over 125 paper machines in North America producing all major grades of paper.

Has been an active member of TAPPI papermakers and water removal committees for 40 years and has development many technical information papers. Named a TAPPI Fellow in 1992, received the Manufacturing Division Harris Ware Technical Award in 1997, received the Engineering Division Beloit Technical Award in 1999, and received the Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award in 2011.

Published over 60 technical articles and made over 50 presentations at paper industry conferences and seminars.

Specialties: Papermaking consulting
Paper machine energy conservation
Paper machine optimization
Technical consulting
Feasibility studies
Papermaking training


Miami University
Oxford, Ohio, United States
BS Applied Science, 1964
Pulp and Paper Technology
1960 To 1964

Job History

Dick Reese and Associates
January 2004 - present

CleanTech Partners
Paper Machine Energy Expert
January 2014 - present