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After my Mechanical Engineering Graduation from Jadavpur University,India in1959, I joined The Bengal paper mill in1960; in the Maintenance Depatment and was offered to assist Foreign erecter from Walmslys (Burry),U.K to install a 75 TPD High speed paper machine. After 7 years I joined The Titagurh Paper mills in the same maintenance work. Working for ten years in Paper mill I felt that I have forgotten Engineering and decided to chabge the profession and joined The Institute of Paper Technology, Saharanpur, India as the Head of Engineering Depertment with an idia to gain more knowlwdge of paper mills. But in vain. Later on I successcully completed a number of  paper mill projects based on different agro based raw material such as gagasse, rice straws and.cotton linters. Later on I worked in the Project Departments of Paper Machine  manufacturing companies in India..


Bankura Town School
Kolkata/ Bankura, India
JadavpurUnoversity, 1959
Mechanical Engineering
1955 To 1959