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University education - expectation/reality

In life, often what is imagined or imagined does not match reality. Education is no exception to this rule.

Surely each of you imagined how he will come to college, meet new friends, what will be the walls of the institution and his team, how will study (easy and carefree), etc. But all of this can be shattered in the blink of an eye.

Today the experts of online essay writer will consider the most common cases when the expectations and reality of the student did not coincide.

Expectation #1. Order of study.
First-year students assume that they can sit and chat carefree with their new friends during lectures, occasionally making a thoughtful appearance for the instructor.

In fact, they are faced with harsh realities: unaccustomed pair schedules, lectures, seminars, term papers and tests, essays by the way they can be accomplished by and research papers, tests and sessions. On the very first day of school students are already disappointed: in lectures you need to write (take notes), in seminars - to answer questions and prepare received tasks in advance, and the session is better not to think about at all.

Expectation #2. Studying at university is the happiest period
For some people it may be so, but as practice shows: every third student is faced with the fact that some disciplines turn their training into a living hell. In fact, this is a purely personal matter, because some students use write my essays services, that can support you 24/7. Everyone has the power to make the period of study at the university enjoyable and useful. It will take some effort and initiative.

Expectation #3. No homework
School graduates believe that higher education is completely different: there is no control and no homework. If in part we can agree about control (teachers do mark attendance, but not always report absences to parents), with homework you will be completely disappointed.

Yes, the lectures are "crucified" by the teacher, and the student must delve into his monologue and take notes, it can help you while writing essay writer free, on the most important points. At the seminars the students have to be "crucified". It is for the seminars they prepare answers to questions and assignments received in advance.

Think about it, how can you learn a profession, if you do nothing on your own? About what knowledge and skills then to speak? Teaching at the University is built 50/50: about 50% of the material is studied at the lectures, and the remaining part falls on the independent work of the student. That is why you simply cannot do without homework.

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