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Manager, New Business Development, and Fellow                June 2013-March 2017

OMNOVA Oil & Gas, Performance Chemicals, Houston, TX

Increased sales through new product commercialization and growth in to new applications/ markets.

§  Growing new business at a rate of ~20% YOY (until 2015)


Manager, Adjacent Markets Development, & Fellow                    Nov. 2008-2013

OMNOVA Solutions, Performance Chemicals, Fairlawn, OH

Working closely with large (early adopters) customers, developed new business with evolutionary and revolutionary products.  


§  Grew new market business revenues (organic growth) from ~$4M to $14k by expanding application of one product and introducing two new products


Director, Technology                                                              Apr. 2003-2008

Akron Technology Center, OH

Directed technology teams of R&D and product development of a ~$500M business; supporting growth in core markets and developing/commercializing products in to new markets; developing new market applications and establishing new network of customers.  


§  Average 3-yr New Sales Ratio of 30%+

§  Reduced operating budget of Technology Center by 40% to ~$600k


Director, Polymer Innovation & Fellow                                 Sept.  2000-2003

OMNOVA Solutions, Akron Technology Center, Akron, OH
Directed multi-site Polymer Innovation, Analytical Solutions, and New Product Development teams (14 scientists and staff) for technical solutions to customer problems in Paper & Carpet. Responsible for implementation of strategic plans, R&D portfolio of Paper & Carpet businesses ($250M), management of the Stage Gate® process, R&D project management, corporate customers’ R&D accounts, knowledge transfer from academia, customer-focused technical support activities, and R&D organizational development



Director, Paper Technology, and Fellow                           Sept.  2000-May 2002

OMNOVA Solutions, Technology Center, Akron, OH
Directed Polymer Innovation and Analytical Solutions Departments for New Product Development and customer technical solutions. Responsible for R&D portfolio, implementation of strategic plan, corporate R&D accounts, knowledge transfer from academia, and customer-focused activities. Responsible for Front End R&D Innovation and Stages 1 & 2 of Stage Gate® new product development process, $100M+ business of paper coating latexes and coating additives, intellectual property protection, Corporate accounts R&D and exchanges with research institutes and academia



Manager, Paper Chemicals Technology                            March 2000-Aug. 2000

OMNOVA Solutions

Managed Performance Chemical’s Akron Technical Center with technology teams for polymer synthesis and paper coating application R&D, including analytical services. Member of the Divisional Technology Leadership Team. Key responsibility for business growth through new products, interaction with R&D executives of customer base, and leading best-practice technology sharing among all company locations.


Manager, Advanced Development Group                             Oct. 1997-Feb. 2000

OMNOVA Solutions

Primary responsibility for new product development, commercialization and launch. Member of the Leadership Team for the Paper Business unit, reporting to the unit VP. Led a group of 23 professional and technical staff (on- and off-site) in polymer synthesis and end-use applications for paper coatings, paper opacifier, crosslinking and lubricant technology, non-wovens, wallboard, carpet, construction, roofing, and adhesives. Annual department budget: $2.3 million; capital budget $200K. Responsible for interaction with customer R&D and mill technical managers, quarterly R&D reviews to VPs and company president, cross-site R&D project reviews, bridging collaborative relationships, initiation and management of alliances to accelerate product development, ensuring compliance of new products with regulatory requirements, and management of intellectual property.

§  Tripled business from new products by x3 between 1992 and 2000


Principal Technologist                                                          Oct. 1996-Oct. 1997

Advanced Coating Development

GenCorp Specialty Polymers, Latex Laboratories, Akron, OH

Managed a diversified new-product-development project portfolio and assisted in the implementation of product development process (rapid stage gate). Supported needs for protecting technology - confidentiality and joint development agreements, patents filling, freedom-to-practice. Assessed and analyzed new technologies and markets for emulsion polymers and paper coatings.



Senior Research Associate                                                                                    Oct. 1992-Sept. 1996

Advanced Coating Development, GenCorp Specialty Polymers, Latex Laboratories, Akron, OH

Led R&D projects and provided customer technical service support for the paper and carpet markets. Supported consultive sales with technical presentations, market trends assessment, selection and evaluation of new products, and tracking the performance of products in the process and end use of customers. Interacted with marketing and manufacturing for implementation of new product introduction. Implemented alliance projects with customers and co-suppliers - two- and three-way collaborative development projects. Responsible for out sourcing and transferring new technologies from academia and research institutions. Key responsibilities:


Assistant Professor                                                                      1990 - 1992

Department of Paper and Printing Science & Engineering

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Instructed five courses on papermaking, paper physics, and printing, and managed the graduate program

Led student coaching for thesis work; thirteen graduate theses projects with emphasis on industry relevance.  Administrative responsibilities included: graduate program advisor ('91- '92), development of faculty and graduate student policies, and introduction of technical writing manual. Developed and instructed continuing education seminars for the pulp, paper and allied industries. Nominated for the 1991 NSF Young Faculty and Research Award, recipient of three University research awards, submitted eight proposals for external research support to NSF, R.R. Donnelley, DOW Chemical USA. Consulted to local and state companies [GE Drives (Grand Rapids, MI), SD Warren Corp. (Muskegon, MI)]


Scientific Advisor (part-time)                                                                             1984 - 1992

Hercules® Viscometers, Kaltec Scientific, Inc., Novi, MI

Contributed to development of new high-shear rheometer models and software

Supported technical service to papermill; consulted on practical rheology and the interpretation of viscosity measurements to improve paper coatings’ processability and coater productivity (National Starch, Staley, James River, DOW Chemical); authored a practical guide to rheology of dispersions and its significance; collaborated in development of a high-shear capillary viscometer; presented seminars on practical rheology and viscometry to numerous technical and papermill personnel


Research Engineer (intern)                                               June 1986 to Sept. 1986

Beloit Corp., Rockton Research Center, IL                                            June 1989 to Oct. 1989

Contributed in the design of high-speed blade coaters for paper and paperboard

Led the setup and implementation of fluid dynamics experiments, computer simulations (CFD), and pilot coater trials that resulted in modified “short-dwell” blade coater for the paper coating industry



Research Scientist (intern)                                                June 1985 to May 1986

James River Corp., Neenah Technical Center, WI
Developed coating formulation strategy to improve paperboard coater productivity

Designed and run pilot-plant trials and implemented results to papermill production (Naheola Mill, AL)


Process Engineer (intern)                                                                    May 1980 to Aug. 1980

Tissue Department, Athens Papermill SA, Athens, Greece
Conducted engineering projects to increase productivity and product quality in a 400 TPD tissue papermachine (process engineering studies included: fiber refining, tissue forming, mass and heat transfer studies, Yankee dryer heat transfer optimization, machine operation optimization, improved tissue quality)