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Mr. Fuller has almost years experience in pulping technology and fiber raw materials utilization. He "retired" from Weyerhaeuser Company as a Senior Scientific and Engineering Advisor at the Weyerhaeuser Technology Center, Fuller now operates his own firm, FRM Consulting, a consulting firm focusing on fiber raw material problem-solving based on a forest-to-product perspective. He is known world-wide for his expertise in chip preparation and quality systems, chip quality control, prevention of chip pile deterioration, relating chip variables to pulping performance, the value of chip quality to mill operations, use of alternative fiber sources, such as forest residuals, woodybiomass, tropical hardwood, non-wood fibers and municipal solid waste. He is also peforms workplace safety and health audits and program design.
Bill is a Lifetime and 50-year member of TAPPI , the Forest Resources Association, and APPITA (the Australian Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Association). In recognition for his industry participation, Bill was named a TAPPI Fellow in 1986, awarded the Pulp Manufacture Division Leadership and Service Award in 1993, the Pacific Section TAPPI Outstanding Member Award in 1994, and the TAPPI 1995 Distinguished Service Award. Bill has represented TAPPI at jointly sponsored international technical conferences in Japan, China, Sweden and Brazil. Bill is widely known for innovative education in chip production and quality and kraft pulping. He is an Affiliate Professor at his alma mater and was an instructor at the University of Maine’s Summer Institute for over 20 years. He is a faculty member in numerous TAPPI, PAPTAC and APPITA seminars and short courses. He is the author of several chapters on woodyard and wood room operation in the TAPPI/CPPA Joint Textbook Series on Pulping Technology and recently wrote the Chip Production and Quality chapter in the new Academic Press series entitled “The Encyclopedia of the Forest Products Industry”. Several videotapes on Pulp Mill Problem Solving have been produced under his direction. He was the cast trainer and technical content expert for TAPPI’s “Forests for Our Future” exhibit in the Innoventions Hall at Disneyworld in Orlando.
Bill started his career at Weyerhaeuser in 1967 after obtaining a B.S. in Wood Technology and an M.S. in Pulp and Paper Technology from the University Of Washington College Of Forest Resources. He was elected a fire commissioner in the South King County Fire and Rescue department in 2016.


University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, United States
BS and MS, 1967
Wood Technology and Pulp and Paper Science
1962 To 1967

Job History

FRM Consulting
Consultant in Forest to Product Problem Solving
Federal Way, WA
April 2003 - present

Weyerhaeuser Company
Senior Scientific Advisor
Federal Way, WA
January 1967 - April 2003