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This is Hossein. I did my Masters in chemical engineering at Miami University, Oxford, OH. As my master thesis research, I was working on development of a new method to study the absorption capacity of the paper towels. This work has recently published on TAPPI journal (April 2021 issue). It's available through following link: TAPPI Paper

My PhD projects have focus on chemical recycling of the plastic wastes, specifically PET. PET is mainly used in packaging and textile industries. The aim in my projects is to optimize the reaction conditions to recycle PET wastes.

What I've learned to do is to design experiments (DOE), gather/analyze data, prepare reports as well as write scientific papers for publications. I've knowledge on materials science and catalysis. I know how to make polymers, co-polymers, composites, and catalysts for plastic recycling. I also know how to use characterization techniques including TGA, DSC, FTIR, SEM/TEM, NMR, and UV-VIS.

For more information about my list of publications, please check my Research Gate Profile

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During my free time, I play guitar and sing. You can check my Instagram Profile for some of my works.  

I'm on my last year of studies as a PhD student, and I'm looking to get connected with the people in industry. I would be glad and honored if I could learn from their experiences as well as their helps so that I can find an industrial position. This will give me this opportunity to use my skills and what I know in chemistry and sustainability to solve real challenges.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about me. Here are the following ways you can contact me:

1. Email me:
2. message me on my TAPPI account
3. message me on my LinkedIn account  ( LinkedIn Profile )
4. message me on my Instagram account. ( Instagram Profile )
5. call me: phone #: 513-593-1840

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University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio, United States
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), 2021
Chemical Engineering
2017 To 2021

Miami University
Oxford, Ohio, United States
Master of Science, 2017
Chemical Engineering
2014 To 2017
Dissertation: Meso-Scale Wetting of Paper Towels

Sharif University of Technology
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
Bachelor of Science, 2013
Chemical Engineering
2008 To 2013

Job History

University of Toledo
Graduate Student Researcher
Toledo, OH, United States
August 2014 - present

Miami University
Graduate Student Researcher
Oxford, OH, United States
August 2014 - July 2017