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Areopagitica: Freedom of speech and Press: Review.
This undergraduate paper uses statistics help and presents an overview of Milton's "Areopagitica" and its impact on society. John Milton's "Areopagitica" is a sweeping history of censorship from antiquity to modern times, establishing the democratic right of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

A Critical Evaluation of Euthanasia, Medicine and the Law by Colin P. Harrison.
This essay according to EssayAssistant will argue that provocation is the underlying theme of this article, and gives the piece both its strengths and weaknesses.

A Sane Murderer: The Case of Luke Woodham.
This paper addresses the first "school shooter", Luke Woodham, in order to assess the motivations for his actions. In accordance with the jury's rulings, insanity is not considered a viable defense.

A Discussion of the Position of the Catholic Church on Capital Punishment in the Pontificate of John Paul II with Regard to Scripture, History and the Future.
In this paper an online essay writer will discuss the shift in attitudes toward capital punishment by the Catholic Church under John Paul II. It will be argued that John Paul's great contribution in this regard lay in his clarifying and unifying the Church's opposition to capital punishment into a cohesive argument on both ethical and theological grounds. The scriptural and historical foundation for Catholic defense and opposition to capital punishment in the past and present will be outlined, with some discussion of the implications for the future.

A Drug Prevention Program for a High School in which Heroin and Cocaine are Popular.
This paper provides a model for the prevention of illegal drug use within the target community of the (fictional) town of Barrington, Delaware. The purpose of this type of program is to investigate whether drug prevention programs that do not utilize scare tactics can be as effective - or even more effective - than programs that do attempt to dissuade drug use through frightening the user or the community.

A General Analysis of the Meaning of the Word Justice .
This paper will discuss what the word "justice" means and will seek to gather where the term came from, while showing how it may mean in our society. This paper will try and asses what Justice may mean in a general way because there are many opinions on it, but will, nevertheless explain the general meaning that is attached to it.

A Persuasive Essay on The Death Penalty Debate.
This persuasive essay makes its case against the death penalty.

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