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I am the principal at Process Innovations LLC (1 person company).  My expertise lies in the use of oxygen with the Kraft pulping process. I have over 30 years of experience including 25 at Air Products and Chemicals where I was the Global Pulp and Paper Business and Technical Manager. I developed an extensive knowledge of the Kraft pulping process and a strong working knowledge of wastewater treatment.  I coordinated research activities to extend the use of oxygen in the Industry.  Notable areas of research and process development/design included:
Oxygen delignification
Oxygen alkali extraction
Black liquor oxidation to modify liquor viscosity (patent)
Extraction stage filtrate recycle
Black liquor oxidation for TRS control and recovery boiler capacity increase
Recovery boiler enrichment (patent)
 Waste wood power boiler enrichment (patent)
Extended oxygen delignification
Ozone bleaching