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Brad received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University in Pullman, WA in February of 1984 & is a licensed Professional Control Systems Engineer (in Alabama & Washington) with over thirty-nine years’ experience in Process Engineering and Process Control Engineering specifically with Distributed Control Systems (DCS’), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) combining extensive experience with both Hardware and Software Design, Programming & Configuration, Implementation, Startup, & Commissioning, including Advanced Continuous and Batch Control Programming. Designed, implemented, commissioned forty-seven DCS/PLC/HMI and Advanced Control (APC) automation projects over four continents (N & S America, Hong Kong, U.A.E, & South Korea) and specifically twenty-five pulp and paper mills & twenty-two other (oil&gas, waterwater, food) industrial manufacturing facilities.

Distributed Control System

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Software Tools

Miscellaneous Software

1.   Honeywell
Process Manager (PM/APM/HPM)
Honeywell Logic Manager (LM)
Personal Computer Network Manager (PCNM) communicating with Millwide Computer (MIS) like IBM AIX and VAX 11/780
Honeywell AM/PM Control Language (CL)
Honeywell Picture Editor

2.   Bailey Net/Infi 90
Multifunction Processors/Controllers (MFP/MFC)
Fiber-Optic Central Communication Ring
Bailey (CADEWS)
Bailey (SODG)

3.   Emerson
(Westinghouse) Ovation

4.   Metso DNA

5.   Yokogawa CS3000

6.   Moore APACS

1.   Rockwell Allen-Bradley RSLogix
5/500/5000 Series

2.   Siemens S5 Simatic w/APT and TISoft
Siemens S7-1200 with TIA Portal

3.   Gould Modicon 584/984
Modicon Quantum PLC using PROWORX, Concept, & UnityPro programming software

4.   Honeywell IPC620

5.   Tyco Simplex 4100U PLC

6.   Triconex 1131 TriStation SIS

7. Yokogawa ProSafe-RS SIS

1.   Rockwell Software RSView32, FactoryTalk, PanelBuilder900/1200/1400, and RSBatch

2.   CiTect SCADA, MMI/HMI version 5.4

3.   WonderWare FactorySuite including InTouch 7.1

4.   Schneider Automation Monitor Pro (Factorylink) HMI


6.   Siemens TP1900 Touch Panel with WinCC

6.   ClearView HMI

7.   Intellution Fix32 & iFix

8.   National Instruments LabView & Lookout

1.   Microsoft SQL Server

2.   Wonderware InSQL

3.   Allen-Bradley DriveTools™ software

4.   ABB ACS550 Drive software

5.   Allen-Bradley PowerFlex, 1336+, 1336 Force variable-frequency AC drives

6.   Bently-Nevada 3500 Vibration Monitoring System

1.  Microsoft Office; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Project; VISIO

2.  Visual Basic


4.  Intergraph INTools


6.  Datatrieve

7.  Northwest Analytical Quality Analyst 5.1



"The Autonomous Process Plant: Utilizing Digital Twins to Optimize the Process Plant of the Future" Powerpoint    mp4

Presented at the 3rd Annual Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference and  Exhibition 2024 May 2 & 3, 2024 (100% Virtual Conference)

“The Autonomous Process Plant: Utilizing Digital Twins to Optimize the Process Plant of the Future" Powerpoint
Presented to ISO/TC 184/SC 4 Industrial Data (Manufacturing) ISO/TC 184/SC 4 WG 3 Oil, Gas, Process and Power
on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 Saratoga Springs, NY USA

"The Autonomous Mill: Utilizing Digital Twins to Optimize the Pulp & Paper Mill of the Future" Paper Powerpoint
UPDATED for November 7, 2023


"Implementing A Controller With Embedded Webserver & Cellular/CABLE Router & In A Rural Water Company Pumphouse" Powerpoint
Presented at the 29th Annual Evergreen Rural Water of Washington Conference & Tradeshow February 15, 2023 Hilton Vancouver, Washington

"The Autonomous Mill: Utilizing Digital Twins to Optimize the Pulp & Paper Mill of the Future"

66th annual IEEE Pulp and Paper Industry Application Society (IAS) Virtual Technical Conference, June 20 - 24, 2021

“Implementing a Cellular Router& Controller with Embedded Webserver in a Rural Water Company Pumphouse"; November, 2017; ISA Process Control & Safety Symposium; Houston, TX

"Optimizing Your Process Through Lignin Management"; November, 2015; ISA Process Control & Safety Symposium; Houston, TX

"Manage your KPIs over the Web and Smartphones" November, 2013; ISA Automation Week 2013 Nashville, Tennessee
"PLC Basics"Powerpoint Young Engineers Welcome December, 2012 Seoul, South Korea"
"Ethernet I/O" October, 2010; ISA Automation Week 2010 Houston, Texas

"Optimization in the Pulp & Paper Mill" Paper Powerpoint October, 2008; ISA 2008 Houston, Texas

"Configure Your Ethernet I/O System: A “Hands-On Tutorial" October, 2003; ISA 2003 Houston, Texas

"Ethernet PLC's Reduce Oxygen Consumption (Tutorial)" September, 2001; ISA 2001 Houston, Texas

"Automated Recovery Boiler Sootblowing Control System" March, 2001 TAPPI PCE&I/ISA PUPID Joint Symposium; San Antonio, TX

"Recycled Advanced Control Package" March, 1996 TAPPI Recycling Symposium; New Orleans, Louisiana


Licensed FAA Single-Engine Land Private Pilot


3:20 Marathoner

ASA & CYA certified Sailor

50-year Licensed SCUBA Diver


Washington State University
Pullman, Washington, United States
BS, 1984
Mechanical Engineering
1976 To 1984

Job History

BSC Engineering
Owner/Control System Engineer
BSC Engineering, WA, United States
January 1994 - present