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    Open Access Allows Free Downloads of TAPPI Journal Articles Dating Back to 1989

    TAPPI Journal’s (TJ) modified Open Access (OA) publishing model makes it easier than ever to access its published articles, which in turn, increases researcher engagement and makes research more visible.

    How does it work? For the first year after publication, TAPPI members are able to download articles published in TJ for free as an exclusive member benefit and nonmembers can download the articles for a fee. On the one-year anniversary of the issue’s publication, the articles are accessible at no charge to everyone.

    Currently there are over 4,300 articles available to download for free with more added each month. Don’t be overwhelmed! You can easily search by topic, author or issue date from

    TAPPI also curates the best of the best TJ OA articles in a special  TAPPI Journal Throw Back Thursday (#TJTBT) campaign on social media. Simply follow TAPPI on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and watch for the #TJTBT posts where we shine the spotlight on award winning articles, special issues and key contributors. Join the new TAPPI Journal LinkedIn Group for more insights into what’s happening with TJ.

  • Bob Matzka received TAPPI PEERS 2019 Engineering Division Leadership & Service Award

    One of our committee members Robert (Bob) Matzka was honored with Engineering Division Leadership & Service Award in TAPPI PEERS 2019 for his outstanding leadership and exceptional service in division activities. Congratulations to Bob!

  • TAPPI PEERS 2019 Best Plant Engineering & Project Management Committee Paper Announced!

    Congratulations to Alexis Metais. His paper “Use of Ozone for Cooling Towers” has been selected as the TAPPI PEERS 2019 Best Plant Engineering & Project Management Committee Paper.

  • Plant Engineering and Project Management Committee Monthly Call - October 2020

    Our committee monthly meeting is open to all Tappi members. Please feel free to join us!

    12:00 to 13:00 pm, Oct 2nd, 2020
    +14704272623 (Dial-in Number)

    Conference ID: 950573989
  • YP Events coming up in August!

    We have two events coming up this August with the YP Division. 

    The first ever Virtual Orientation on August 20th, 2020, at 7PM EST and our third Virtual Mixer on Wednesday, August 26th at 3 PM EST
  • TAPPI’s Introduction to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Course

    TAPPI’s Introduction to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Course can help you expand your understanding of kraft pulp mill operations, become better equipped to troubleshoot, and increase your confidence in interactions among engineers and operators.

    Learn More:
  • Request for Expert on Attracting and Retaining Mill and Plant Staff

    The Fiberglass Mat Committee is looking for a speaker at an upcoming Virtual Conference.

    We are interested in hearing from someone who is able to discuss methods and tactics for attracting and retaining mill staff.

    Too often workers treat Fiberglass Mat/Shingle/Paper employment as fluid and temporary. 

    The pool of good workers is shallow due to rural location of the mills, Covid restrictions, and nomadic tendencies.

    What tactics and strategies work best to retain mill workers.

    If you are knowledgeable and have experience speaking on this topic, please contact @John Norton at [email protected]

  • Plant Engineering and Project Management Committee Monthly Call - July 2020

    Our committee monthly meeting is open to all Tappi members. Please feel free to join us!

    12:00 to 13:00 pm, July 30th, 2020
    +14704272623 (Dial-in Number)

    Conference ID: 950573989
  • Virtual Book Launch Party - Film Extrusion Manual, Third Edition

    TAPPI is hosting Virtual Book Launch Parties on Facebook Live! every Tuesday in July. I’ll be talking about the Film Extrusion Manual, Third Edition at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, July 7. It would be great if you could login and ‘virtually’ cheer me on. We are giving away a free ebook copy of the publication, too. All you need to do is like, comment, or share the post.

    Please feel free to invite others! We might have time to answer a few questions, too.

    Hope to see you there!  

  • All TAPPI/NPT2 Comprehensive Format eLearning courses are discounted by 15% through June 30!

    TAPPI Offers 15% Discount on NPT2 eLearning Courses

    Now is a great time to take advantage of virtual learning with customizable eLearning courses.

    The National Network for Pulp & Paper Technology Training (NPT2) comprehensive eLearning courses are designed to quickly and thoroughly train both new operators and new technical professionals. They can also fill technical gaps for experienced operators so they can better train new operators. These introductory/intermediate-level technical courses are comprehensive in content, and were designed by experienced educators who have taught this content to thousands of mill personnel in over 250 class sessions at 200+ mills and organizations.

     Individuals can purchase streaming access directly from All “Comprehensive” format courses are discounted by 15% through June 30, 2020. Enter promo code: elearn15 at check out. Courses include:

    • Pulp Manufacturing Technology
    • Paper Manufacturing Technology
    • Recycling Technology
    • Chemical Recovery
    • Environmental Control
    • Pulp & Paper Testing Labs
    • Tissue Manufacturing Technology
    • Wet End Chemistry
    • Coating Technology
    • Paper Machine Optimization

    NPT2 also offers site licenses providing the lowest cost per user to companies with multiple locations anywhere in the world.

    The site license provides for unlimited use for training of all employees at your site and the content can be customized to your specific mill, processes, equipment, products and audiences. In addition, the site license includes educational training support including training guides and implementation consult with Dr. Michael Kocurek, Director NPT2 Coastal Alabama.

    For more information on the NPT2 eLearning courses and how get the customizable training started at your facility, contact TAPPI Training, [email protected] or 770-209-7242.

  • Plant Engineering and Project Management Committee Monthly Call - June 2020

    Our committee monthly meeting is open to all Tappi members. Please feel free to join us!

    12:00 to 13:00 pm, June 19th, 2020
    +14704272623 (Dial-in Number)

    Conference ID: 950573989
  • Don't forget this Friday, May 8th  from 10AM - 12PM we will be hosting our second 'LIVE' ASK THE EXPERT here in the Open Forum. 

    Get ready to fire your questions to the Kraft Recovery expert, @Honghi Tran who is taking part in this event!
    The questions must be related to Kraft Recovery and/or the newly released Kraft Recovery Boilers, Third Edition Book, edited by Honghi. 

    We are looking forward to this session and hope you all are as well.

  • Plant Engineering and Project Management Committee Monthly Call - May 2020

    11:30 to 12:30 pm, May 15th, 2020
    (Dial-in Number)  

    Conference ID: 950573989

  • Mentor Match Kick-Off Call_May 4, 2020

    Signed up for Mentor Match but couldn't make the kick-off call? No worries we recorded out meeting from the morning. In this 20-minute video we go over the ins and outs of the program and answer from questions from participants.
  • Kraft Recovery Boilers Ask the Expert with Honghi Tran!

    Hi everyone,

    Don't forget next Friday, May 8th from 10AM - 12PM we will be hosting our second 'LIVE' ASK THE EXPERT here in the Open Forum. 

    Get ready to fire your questions to the Kraft Recovery experts who are taking part in this event!

    We are looking forward to this event and hope you all are as well.

    If you have any questions in advance please reach ou to me at [email protected] 

    'Talk' to you all on Friday!

  • TAPPI Young Professionals Virtual Mixer

    Adulting can be hard. Especially during a pandemic. Join us for our first ever TAPPI Young Professionals Virtual Mixer on April 22nd at 1PM Eastern Time via Zoom. This free, 1 hour interactive event will focus on how young professionals can utilize this challenging time to meet new people, learn new skills, and advance their careers while continuing to social distance and flatten the COVID-19 curve.


    To join with fellow professionals, please respond YES to the event discussion post. You will be sent a meeting invite to join, along with a Zoom link. Please share this post with other YPs; you don't have to be a current TAPPI member to attend.

  • Plant Engineering and Project Management Committee Monthly Call - April 2020

    Time: 12:00 to 1:00 pm EST

    +14704272623 (Dial-in Number) 

    Conference ID: 542184761

  • Do We Need an Industry 4.0 Lexicon? Webinar

    Wednesday, April 29 - 1PM - 2PM (ET)
    The realm of Industry 4.0 is filled with buzzwords that have been used inconsistently to describe capabilities that can be hard to distinguish between other terms and prior technology. In order for the marketplace to have a clear understanding of what is being offered, PIMA IT Infrastructure SIG intends to provide clarification to ensure the industry knows what is being provided when someone offers these capabilities. This webinar will provide a means of discussing the merits of the effort and gather input on the development plans. This is intended to be a dictionary of terminology that can be used as a reference or a standard. Consistent use of terminology will help ensure all sides have the same expectations and can arrive at mutually beneficial results.
  • “Personnel Protection Using Textile Substrates” Webinar

    April 28th 

    1PM EST

    One of the challenges in the current war on COVID-19 is preventive textile substrates' availability and some basic information on products such as face mask. The timely webinar will provide basic information of textile substrates and their functional applications. Information of different textile substrates such as nonwovens that are at frontlines of defense will be highlighted.


    The webinar will be provided by Prof. Seshadri Ramkumar of Nonwovens and Advanced Materials Laboratory at Texas Tech University.


  • Webinar Alert! The science behind energy efficient homes

    Apr 16, 2020 12:00 PM (ET)

    Energy efficient homes reduce unnecessary energy consumption resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and demands for nonrenewable resources.In this class we will explore the following topics:
    •What is an Energy Efficient Home
    •What is a Carbon Footprint
    •Energy source and use
    •Electromagnetic spectrum and Infrared Radiation
    •Implication of Sun’s path over a house in terms of energy efficiency
    •Steps to make a home “Energy Efficient”
    •Energy efficiency and windows
    •Energy efficiency and window shades
    •Indoor air quality related to energy efficient homes
    •Question and Answers
  • TAPPI 2020 FIBERGLASS MAT TECHNOLOGY Committee Meeting to Include a Tour of Johns Manville Technica

    TAPPI’s 2020 Fiberglass Mat Technology Committee Meeting, August 25-27, 2020 at the Westin Hotel in Denver, Co., includes the opportunity to tour the Johns Manville Technical Center in Littleton, Co.

    Tim Worms, Marketing Manager, 3M, will present the 3M Market Forecast and Overview on Tuesday, August 25. He will share insight into the shingles industry and how it relates to residential construction.

    The meeting will include the updated Fiberglass Mat Production Technology Short Course featuring a panel of industry expert instructors who will review the fiberglass mat process, and focus on interactions of process chemicals affecting dispersion, foaming, surface tension and final mat properties in fiberglass mat manufacturing production.

    Wednesday, August 26 participants will tour the Johns Manville Technical Center in Littleton, CO. No photography or video will be allowed during the tour.

    The meeting registration includes networking opportunities with suppliers and manufacturing personnel including the reception and sponsors’ tabletop display on Tuesday evening and a group dinner after the tour on Wednesday. 

    The meeting will conclude on Thursday, August 27 with a full day of technical presentations covering improving quality, safety and reliability in the fiberglass mat production process.

    Registration is open for the meeting. Take advantage of the early bird rate by registering before July 28. Learn more and register at the meeting’s website, For more information or sponsorship opportunities, contact Tyler Mast, TAPPI Divisional Manager, [email protected]  or 770-209-7248.

    @Matthew Przysiecki

  • Stay Informed about the Coronavirus and TAPPI Events

    Hello everyone,

    I know that you, your families and our members are all concerned about COVID-19 Coronavirus.
    We certainly share your concerns.

    We encourage everyone to make responsible decisions to stay home if they are sick.We ask that those who have traveled abroad in the last 14 days to countries on the CDC list, please refrain from attending in-person events as a courtesy to fellow members and guests.

    TAPPI, along with our allied associations, are closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19 (coronavirus) on a global basis. Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of the attendees of our events. As is the case with any external force that has a potential impact on our events, we are monitoring conditions closely and are prepared to address any significant changes. In the event a scheduling change is necessary, we will immediately post that information to our website.

    Please see the links below for the latest updates on this situation:
    Europe and
    World Health Organization 

    We thank you for your continued support of TAPPI and the industry. We will continue to update you on a weekly basis concerning TAPPI’s planned Events for 2020.

    Best Regards,


  • Jump start your corrugated career this March

    Reserve your "courtside" seat today for the best corrugated course in the industry.


    Best Practices on the Corrugator course offers an essential curriculum tailored to help you sharpen your knowledge with proven methods used to reach peak performance for reliable and efficient operation. Address real-world issues and get the latest industry solutions that influence higher productivity, better quality board and reduce waste. Bring your output defects and let the team of industry experts suggest ways to improve the quality of your products. Register today.

  • New Ask the Expert coming April 8th to the Open Forum

    Our 2nd AMA will take place in the TAPPI Connect Open Forum on April 8th at 10AM. 

    The Papermachine Operations AMA with course chair @Jim Atkins will be a 1 hour event where you will be able to ask questions regarding the course and get real-time answers from Jim and other course instructors themselves.

    More info to come!​
  • Introducing the Wipes Global Committee

    Why this committee? Because wipes are becoming more and more an integral part of our life, with a wide spectrum of application whether industrial or personal.

    With many advocates around the world, Wipes are still a controversial item for many, especially in terms of environmental impact. The Committee role includes among others: addressing the problems and misconceptions surrounding wipes usage; filling the knowledge to practice gap, by providing a scientific exchange platform; and more importantly, drive and make positive changes in the wipes specialized industry.

    We are looking forward to start with a distinguished team of international experts in the industry, out-of-the-box thinkers, to share our own perspectives with regional/global exposure.

    We would like to call all of you; machine suppliers, raw material manufacturers, scientists, teachers, students, to join this committee… Let us make innovative and significant contributions to the wipes industry.

    I wish to have an engaging and productive committee works for the benefit of all TAPPI members.

    We aim to make this committee richer in itself, with a win-win situation for all.

    Every idea is important!

    @Bechara Michael Dib

    B. Michael Dib
  • TAPPI Standards and TIPs Announcements

    1. Announcement of TAPPI Standards in Ballot
    2. Announcement of TAPPI TIPs under review
    3. Members for Working Groups of TIPs needed
    4. SSIG Members Needed
    5. Standards Coming Up For Review
    6. Announcement of SARG Meeting
    7. Welcome back @Priscila Briggs
    8. Acronyms You May Need to Know
    9. Searching and Ordering TAPPI Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods

  • Rise Against Hunger is back at PaperCon 2020

    We wanted to take a quick second to remind everyone that the Rise Against Hunger event is back at this year's PaperCon 2020. 

    If you are interested in being a part of this community service project, it is free to register and open to all, just add it to your PaperCon registration. 

    Ask about how to sponsor this awesome event!
    You can reach out to me at: [email protected]

  • TAPPI Connect Offers Mentor/Protégé Program

    Next enrollment window opens April 1-30, 2020

    One of unique network building resources available through TAPPI Connect is the TAPPI Connect Mentor Match program, an effective platform to share resources and experiences between mentors and protégés. Participation in Mentor Match is open to any current TAPPI member. Both Mentors and protégés must apply during the enrollment window (next one is April 1-30, 2020), and are then matched-up to work together according to their needs, interests and talents. The mentoring will take place over the course of 6 months and can be extended to meet each team’s needs. Participants can communicate however they choose; through TAPPI Connect, phone, Skype or email.

  • Mentor Match Kick-Off Call - November 6th 10AM - 11AM

    Calling all Mentors and Protégés

    Enrollment Open until October 31st!

    1. Are you a professional with 5+ years job experience that is willing to help guide and enlighten future industry experts?

    Become a Mentor

    Sign-up anytime between Now and October 31

    2. Searching for expert advice? Need assistance exploring new research parameters?

    Look no further!

    Become a Protégé

    Sign-up anytime between Now and October 31

    Need more info first?

    Learn more about Mentor Match at TAPPI Connect, TAPPI's platform to collaborate, share knowledge, problem solve and expand your personal and professional networks.

    All Mentors and Proteges that sign up will be invited to the Mentor Match Kick-Off Call - November 6th 10AM - 11AM.