Paper360 Better Together Podcast - Episode #1

By Janice Bottiglieri posted 18 days ago

Check out our new Podcast Series: Paper360 Better Together, a monthly series brought to you by Paper360.

This episode features an interview with
 Matt Ellhardt, Vice President, Global Sales, Fisher International. Mr.Ellhardt shared his thoughts on the ripple effect the pandemic is having on the paper and tissue market, its impact on away from home (AFH), at home (AH), and communications paper products and how the industry is adapting to the work from home (WFH) shift. He talks about current market uncertainties, scenario planning, driving decisions using data, and also the role of the industry as an integral part of the circular economy and sustainably supported future.

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10 days ago

Hello, TAPPI Connect Community!  If you have listened to Paper360's new podcast -- "Better Together: Conversations With Innovative Leaders" -- I'd love to hear from you.  Do you have any thoughts or comments about the insights shared by our first guest, Fisher International's Matt Elhardt?  Do you have suggestions for future guests or topics?  This is YOUR space to keep the conversation going! Thanks for listening, sharing, and subscribing.