How An Interactive Website Leads to More Sales Conversions

By Jack Larson posted 05-02-2021 23:03


In today’s day and age, technology and the internet have taken over all activities, making lives more convenient and access to services are faster and more efficient. Today, we can purchase products and services from people far across, with geographical boundaries being the least of our concerns.


Websites are the new way of interaction and rather a great platform to talk about a brand, product, service, or sharing any relevant information. If you have a website and want to land higher sales, unlock a new business goal, then follow these tips to create more sales conversions. 


Deploy more of what works


To create more traffic and subsequent sales through your website, the first step is the identification of what has been working well in your favor, and deploying more of it. For example, you are running a food chain and are looking to set up another kitchen to facilitate more orders. A smart way to increase orders would be tracking areas that have generated high sales. For this, you could efficiently use the interactive map creator from ShowMyMap to use analytics and useful insights from raw data. 


Collecting data and spending hours analyzing it can be a confusing and frustrating process. A smarter and more efficient way to understand data is by integrating interactive maps that can rather display it in a crisp and clear format. Visit Show my Map for simple, effective ways to create a map online. 


Build an interactive platform


Interaction with your customer and potential customer base is what helps subsequently in driving sales. If you are wondering how, let’s dive into how this works. Integrate polls, surveys, and quizzes to understand the consumers’ general feedback and thoughts. 


Based on these responses, you could make amends to your business model or add more services that add towards enhancing the consumer experience. To back it up with an example, if you are a skincare brand, ask your buyers and visitors about their experience, ratings, and feedback and that will help you keep what they like and slowly change to what could be better. 


Make efforts for brand loyalty 


A brand loyal consumer will always prefer to buy from you to the other similar competing brands. Make that effort to retain this loyalty, for it will always generate continuous sales and keep the traffic of your website higher. 


Offer interesting sales, offers, and discounts to these regular customers. Introduce membership programs and look for ways to continuously incentivize them. All of these efforts help in building a strengthened consumer base over time. Add referral programs and discounts to encourage existing consumers to avail facilities otherwise not offered to others. 


Integrate more visual content 


Pictures, graphics, and gifs catch more attention than words and have become the new way to communicate. A visually appealing and aesthetic website increases the visitor's time spent browsing and plays an important role towards inclination of purchase.


Use smart features to understand the areas of your website that consumers are enjoying. A heat map feature indicates these areas and shows real-time traffic. Analyze these on a regular basis and make changes according to the interest you receive. Poach in a graphic designer who could create multiple graphics and designs for your website and continue to make it look fresh, visually appealing, and of all, relevant to consumers. 


Gain a competing factor to have an edge 


There might be many similar players in the market that are your competition, but you could identify and offer an edge to consumers. It could really be anything that has not been done before or is packaged very differently. 


Let’s understand this with an example. You have a website that sells candles. To it, add simple customization features where consumers, while placing their order, can design and customize their own candle holders. Here you have created a distinction from the market and are offering something unique and new. You stand out because of a simple yet distinctive service/feature.