Tissue Division Leadership Open Positions

By Hannah Peterson posted 06-15-2021 11:14


Dust Mitigation Committee (DMC) - Co-Chair & Co-Secretary

The purpose of the DMC is to assemble expertise from the industry (40 members now) to discuss and make recommendations about mitigating dust and the associated fires that may result.

Each position is a 2-year opening but that can change if passion is high to remain engaged longer or if job demands dictate that a person needs to step away early. The main thing is for the member to get some value out of the experience as well as the committee benefiting from their support. 

If you are interested in either role, please contact hpeterson@tappi.org.

Tissue Division Planning Committee - Co-Chair & Co-Secretary

There are also opportunities to get involved in the Tissue Division planning committee. If you are interested in the co-secretary position for this committee, please contact hpeterson@tappi.org.