Mr. Avinav Nandgaonkar PhD

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‚Äč Extensive 6+ years of diverse research work and 2 years of project management experience in textile, nonwoven, fiber science, nanotechnology, bio-polymer processing, surface functionalization, nanocellulose, and green synthesis of carbon based nanomaterial (graphene & carbon nanotubes). I worked on many production technologies such as wetlaid, spunlace, nanofiber production through electrospinning, air-brush technique, and composite material preparation for relevant applications in conductive thin-films energy conservation, oil/ water filtration, photo-bio-catalytic water purification and bio-medical applications. I apply green chemistry principle to efficiently convert graphene oxide into graphene in an environment friendly way. This work has been cited by many research group throughout the globe in their studies for the application of efficient reduction of graphene oxide, improving electromagnetic shielding, and ion membrane. I worked on various textiles related fibers and made successfully commercial product HYDROSPUN Essential, used as flushable wipe which is solving many sewage water treatment facilities. To this date, I developed strong fundamental knowledge in nonwoven production technology, polymers, nanomaterial, fiber science, textiles, and got impressive research achievements with several published peer-reviewed articles, research grants, international collaboration, and award winning presentations.


North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Ph.D., 2014
Fiber and Polymer Science
2011 To 2014
Dissertation: Bacterial Cellulose (BC) as a Functional Nanocomposite Biomaterial
Advisor: Lucian Lucia, Co-Chair; Wendy Krause, Co-Chair; Samuel Hudson, Member; Elizabeth Loboa-Polefka, Memb

North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Master of Science, 2011
Textile Engineering, Chemistry, and Science
2009 To 2011
Dissertation: Electrospinning of Chitosan and its Correlation with Degree of Deacetylation and Rheological Property
Advisor: Dr. Wendy Krause; Dr. Russell Gorga

Job History

Suominen Corporation
Product Development Engineer
August 2015 - present

PreScouter, Inc.
Global Scholar
February 2015 - present