Mr. Robert Libby

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I have worked in the Paper Industry for over 40 years as a Chemical Applications Specialist selling paper making retention aids, dewatering aids, dispersants, flocculants for dewatering on the environmental-side of the industry, pumps, chemical delivery systems, starch handling equipment & starch cookers.  

I have also worked with chemical pumps and chemical delivery systems for the paper industry.

I am currently consulting within the paper industry for chemical applications as well as chemical delivery systems.


University of Maine
Orono, Maine, United States
BS in Biololgy 1977 and a Pulp & Paper 5th year certificate, 1981
Biology & Pulp and Paper
1973 To 1977
Advisor: Dr. Joesph Genco

Job History

Eastern Fine Paper;Allied Colloids;Cytec;ProFlow;BVG;Consultant
Technical Sales & Service, Regional Manager, Account Manager, Tech Mgr
Brewer, ME, United States
August 1978 - present