Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology Course

Monday, January 8 - Thursday, January 11, 2018

his course is designed to deliver the most comprehensive overview available in the industry of today's pulping and papermaking technology!

This curriculum is unique because it offers:

  1. Information on how one part of the mill affects another, and
  2. How the raw materials, pulping, and papermaking processes affect paper and board properties.

You will learn more in these four days than at any other comparable training.  Here's why...

17IPP - Instructor PhotoDr. Mike Kocurek shares more than 50 years of his experience having taught this and other pulp and paper courses for TAPPI, college students and thousands of operators at more than 200 corporations and mills.

In addition to the visuals presented in the course textbook, Dr. Kocurek also adds a unique body of approximately 2000 additional and excellent visuals, collected from the industry that show mill operations, equipment and product micrographs. The total experience, plus the instructors enthusiastic teaching style and knowledge of mill processes, has produced the result of the Introduction to Pulp & Paper Technology being TAPPI's longest running short course and consistently one of TAPPI's highest ranked courses. 

Course Content
The TAPPI Introduction to Pulp & Paper Technology Course offers both introductory- and intermediate-level content covering technology, including “what” happens, and “why” things happen.  While the course scope does not cover advanced topics, it provides the foundation for learning advanced topics more quickly.

Introductory-Level Content - About 70%
The curriculum is ideal for anyone new to the pulp & paper industry - and for anyone who needs to refresh their understanding of process or taking on a new role in mill operations.  The content will increase your ability to educate and train new employees more rapidly and prepare them for advanced training.

Intermediate-Level Content - About 30%
This curriculum lays the foundation for more advanced mill-specific topics.  It also fills in gaps of technical knowledge for those more experienced, who already have more knowledge of equipment operations.  Topics include equipment operations in depth, maintenance, process control and optimization, which are mill specific.

Course Topics
A broad overview of the entire pulping and papermaking process is delivered with topics that include:

Industry Overview    Paper Machine Operations
Raw Materials, Fiber Sources    Approach System
Wood & Chip Preparation    Headbox Operations
Kraft and Mechanical Pulping    Wet End Operations
Pulp Processing and Bleaching    Fourdrinier & Twin Wire Forming
Chemical Recovery    Formation and Fiber Orientation
Recycling    Forming Fabrics
Stock Preparation Refining    Pressing Operations
Strength Additives, Sizing, Retention    Paper and Board Drying
Paper Properties and Testing    Tissue Drying and Creping
Coating    Calendering
Converting Overview  
Environmental Overview

 Overall, You Will...

  • Gain a broad perspective by exploring the entire pulping and papermaking processes.
  • Get to meet and learn from Dr. Mike Kocurek, one of the industry's leading instructors.
  • Increase your ability to contribute to improving mill operations.
  • Get personalized answers to specific questions and operating problems.
  • Learn how to interact more knowledgeably with other mill personnel.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate overview knowledge of  mill operations, products, process variables, equipment, and terminology.
  • Describe examples of how one part of the mill affects another.
  • Explain the importance of thinking on a mill wide basis.
  • Discuss how the pulp and paper processes affect product properties and quality.

Smook Book - Handbook for TechnologistsTake Back a Copy of the "Smook Book"
Included with your course fee is a copy of the valuable reference manual called the "Smook Book" or specifically titled, The Handbook for Pulp and Paper Technologists by Gary Smook.  Thirteen years in the making, this manual is considered the must-have book for professionals in the pulp and paper industry and widely used by P&P companies, colleges and universities because it includes hundres of illustrations, charts and tables.


Earn 2.6 CEUs
The Education Project Center of TAPPI has been reviewed and approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), 7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 300, McLean, VA 22102.  TAPPI will award 2.6 CEUs to participants who attend at least 80% of the educational sessions and complete a final program evaluation.

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