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Coating & Graphic Arts  

The Coating and Graphic Arts Division is comprised of technical professionals who focus on the materials, equipment and processes for the manufacture, quality control and use of coated papers, paperboard, and other substrates, as well as the use of coated and uncoated materials in graphic arts.

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Corrugated Packaging  

TAPPI and our Corrugated Division focus on the manufacture and use of corrugated containers and associated packaging materials and products.

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The Engineering Division consists of hundreds of technical professionals with chemical and mechanical engineering knowledge and experience

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Flexible Packaging  

Flexible Packaging Division

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International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion  

The TAPPI PLACE Division continuously strives to provide highly-valued education, innovations and technical advancements to the Flexible Films & Laminates industry.
We provide forums for presentation and discussion of relevant and leading-edge topics, in addition to networking opportunities and mentoring programs, to ensure best practices and technology transfer across our industry’s entire supply chain.

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Local Sections  

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The Nanotechnology Division is comprised of professionals who work to advance research, development and deployment of renewable nanomaterials to help meet the material needs of people and society; share and disseminate knowledge and information on responsible production, use, and disposal of renewable nanomaterials, with special emphasis on nanomaterials produced from forest biomass; advance the science and technology supporting the production, modification and end user applications for renewable nanomaterials used either alone or in combination with other materials.

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Nonwovens, Engineers and Technologists (NET)  

The Nonwovens Engineers & Technologists Divisions (NET) is made up of hundreds of technical professionals who asses and promote the broad nonwoven industry through the work of its volunteers.

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Paper & Board  

The Paper and Board Division consists of hundreds of professionals who focus on the mechanical preparation of fibers prior to the paper machine, the preparation and evaluation of the effect of papermaking additives (fillers and chemicals), surface applications on the paper machine, and paper machine auxiliary systems operation.

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The PIMA Division is the premier organization for mill managers, production leaders and supplier executives in the pulp and paper and industry. Its goal is to contribute to the strength of the international pulp and paper community by providing information on relevant issues and to help its members network and develop managerial and leadership skills.

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Process & Product Quality  

The Process and Product Quality Division assesses and promotes process and product quality through continuous improvement and application of state-of-the-art testing implementation and quality management techniques.​

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Process Control  

The mission of the Process Control Division is to promote the advancement of technology and its applications in the fields of process control, electrical engineering and millwide information systems within the pulp and paper and allied industries. The division will encourage the development of technical information, professional practices and technical guidelines; coordinate committee information and recognize member achievements.
Through its activities, the division will offer its members opportunities for enhancing leadership skills and for furthering professional development.

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Pulp Manufacture  

The Pulp Manufacturing Division consists of professionals who focus on the process of converting cellulosic raw materials into pulp including receiving, storing and processing raw materials as well as the mechanical and chemical purification of the pulp for its end use and the recovery of chemicals and by-products from the processes employed.

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Student Chapters  

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The Tissue Division is made up of hundreds of technical professionals who work in the manufacture and converting of tissue products around the world and the work of its volunteers. New members are always welcome. ​

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Young Professionals  

Young Professionals

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